Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills over 100,000 people each year in the UK.


  • Over 1,900 people each week
  • Over 250 people every day
  • One person every five minutes

SCA can and does strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. In the UK, 30,000 people fall victim to SCA outside of a hospital, where support is limited and our chance of survival is dramatically reduced, because we are isolated from immediate care.  Out of Hospital SCA claims:

  • Almost 600 lives each week
  • Almost 100 lives every day
  • Almost one person every 15 minutes

The current UK survival rate of OHSCA victims is as little as 7%, while other EU countries have a survival rate of up to 50%.  So, when SCA can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime – what can we do to combat SCA and save more lives across the UK?

What does SCA and an Effective Rescue look like?